Context, Chiropractic and Network Care!

What is Context? Context means framework. When I say Context, I mean the mental framework in our heads. It’s composed of things like beliefs, values, expectations, access to and variety of languages, points of view, past experiences, and so on.

Whether we see something as good/bad, happy/sad, opportunity/threat, friend/foe, partner/competitor, worth it/not worth it, investment/expense, nourishing/poisonous, etc., is all given by that mental framework.

For example, look at the drawing of the young woman above. There are at least 3 different contexts from which you can view her finger.  If you look at it from the context of anatomy, you would say that the object pointing in the air is her finger.  From the context of mathematics, you would count on that being the number one.  And from the context of direction, her finger is definitely pointing up.

So you see, the context from which we look (lens) determines how we see things.

I know that when I first sought Chiropractic Care, I was under the impression that Chiropractic was meant to treat only musculoskeletal conditions.  Yet, that's not how it went down over 100 years ago. 

If you go back to 1895 when Chiropractic first began, it was a profession that cared for all sorts of ills.  It's philosophy was simple and succinct, "the power that made the body has the power to heal the body."  And the access to that healing power was through the nervous system.

I deliver care utilizing Network Spinal Analysis.  An intuitive, light touch, low force Chiropractic approach designed to shift one's nervous system from a heightened state of tension to one of peace and ease.  Along with the integration of other healing services, the net results are often life-changing. 

Patients are not only talking about how much better they feel, they see a whole new perspective on life, health, and well-being through the lens of a flexible more adaptable nervous system.

For myself, I let go of the traditional, more narrow view of Chiropractic so that a broader more dynamic context could take its place. 

As a result, patients with more complicated health issues are walking in my door on a weekly basis. Their context for healing has radically altered. They see and experience what a transformed and dynamic nervous system can accomplish.  For them, there is no question as to the value of what Chiropractic and Network Care can provide.0707803001712244231.jpg

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