Tone, Tension and Transformation of the Nervous System

 "I had to get the tears out of my spine to make room for me."   Liz J.                    

"So the nervous system is the foundation for all of our lived experience. It’s where everything begins in our body system. We think that the brain is running the show but in fact, it’s beneath the level of the brain, it’s inside our body. 

 It is in these pathways that help us connect, that help us mobilize into fight and flight, and that helps us move into disconnection and disappearance." Deb Dana: Befriending Your Nervous System

Network Spinal Analysis or Network Care is a tonal healing system that rebalances a dysregulated nervous system impacted by trauma (physical, mental, emotional, and chemical). It assists your body to develop new and better strategies for living and healing — for connecting to one another, to the environment, to the world around us, and also to spirit. 

A dysregulated or subluxated nervous system lacks proper structure, tone, and vibration while presenting rigid response patterns. It's like when your guitar is out of tune, the sound produced is unpleasant or undesirable (dissonance). When your guitar is in tune, the sound emanating from the strings is in harmony with the music. 

Likewise, when the tone of our biology is off, what we often feel, experience and express is undesirable and unpleasant.  Our physical structure may present imbalances, our body systems may experience dysfunction and our mental/emotional state may show a great deal of dissonance. 

 The discoverer of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer wrote extensively about the concept of tone. D.D. Palmer wrote: “Tone, in biology, is the normal tension or firmness of nerves, muscles or organs, the renitent, elastic force acting against an impulse. Any deviation from normal tone, that of being too tense or too slack, causes a condition of renitence, too much elastic force, too great resistance, a condition expressed in function as disease."  Nearly four decades later, neurosurgeon Alf Breig described how adverse mechanical tension on the spinal cord may result in abnormal neurological function and the development of pathology. 

 Through Network Care, we assist your body to develop new and better strategies for effective living and greater healing. These strategies will help you:

  • Establish the capacity of your nervous system to connect and release areas of tension, and impaired function

  • Enhance your ability to generate automatic respirations and movements that help your spine and nervous system to dissipate tension, increase circulation and energy flow, and promote healing

  • Develop an effective and trusting relationship with your spine, nervous system, body, and your healing process

  • Assist your body in removing spinal interference to communication between your brain and the cells of your body, increasing your body’s ability to properly respond to its experiences, challenges, and needs

  • Develop lifetime strategies for self-awareness and healing

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