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My most recent new patient is an accomplished composer, guitarist and educator.

Upon initial consult and exam, Pete presented with chronic neck and shoulder pain. He complained of pain radiating down his left arm into his hand.

 As a  multi-instrumentalist, Pete is quite concerned about the long term effects of his condition and how it might impact his future career endeavors. 

After seeing a number of MD's over the past few years and taking a mainstream approach, Pete realized that he was no closer to the truth regarding the cause of his painful condition. His hand surgeon recommended surgery despite the fact that there were no abnormalities on his nerve test. So he went for a second opinion and the doctor said, "there was nothing wrong and that surgery would make things worse." The doctor then recommended a physiatrist but at that point Pete had enough with traditional doctors who showed no empathy and spent a max of 5 minutes with him.

Pete continued his inquiry into how best to resolve his painful condition. In talking with his yoga instructor after class one day, he asked if she knew and trusted anyone that could help him heal. She said, "I know a very skilled chiropractor whose approach addresses the underlying cause of conditions and renders comprehensive care." And Pete said, "that's exactly what I'm looking for!"

During my initial consult, I explained to Pete how the central nervous system tightens and contracts while under tension and the impact that has on one's musculoskeletal health. "Increased tension in your spinal cord can be correlated with the stress response. This can lead to increase tension in muscles, changes in posture and much more."

The function of the central nervous system is to send and receive messages between the brain and body and it also needs a certain amount of tension to function. "The spinal cord is like a guitar string" I said. The way they both work is based upon how much tension they are under. 

He understood the analogy and could fully relate to it. 

With a guitar, if there is too much tension, you can adjust the tension on the strings by turning the keys. With your nervous system, if there is too much tension, we adjust the tension in the spinal cord by making specific, light touch, low force contacts to the spine, called Network Entrainments. These entrainments produce and promote spontaneous self-correction thru healing waves (see video) and self-regulation of spinal tension patterns.

The care offered in this office is a form of wellness care and self-education that empowers people to connect with their body-mind and assists in developing new strategies for spinal and nervous system integrity and wellness. 

"Dr. Stern looks at the whole body and mind as an integrated system rather than a bunch of disconnected parts. I'm noticing a deeper connection and inner awareness between different parts of my body. Also, I am sensing movement and ease in areas of my spine that have been tense for years.

I've been under care with Dr. Stern for 4 weeks and there has been a sizeable improvement thus far. This improvement puts my body and mind at ease and gives me hope that I will overcome my ailments!"


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