The Healing Voyage of Jana D.

"I wrote this poem about Jana's healing voyage just days ago.  Together, in our healing collaboration, I too transformed and as that experience streamed through my body, I was compelled to catch the wisdom and give it words.  

The Integration of body/mind healing combining Network Spinal Analysis with Ontological Coaching Methods reframed Jana's thoughts and reorganized her nervous system causing out of the box results."


At first glance, when she came to see me, I observed the soul of Jana D. trapped inside a memory.

She was anguished in her appeal to the medical field, for they could not hear, sense nor see the desperate side of Jana D.

Saddened, fearful, and full of rage, the world to her was but a stage, acting out her frantic plea, the tears, her pain, “Can anyone hear me?”

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, her soul was immersed in a sea of sorrow.

A child’s tears, her painful years, a history full of daddy fears.

It all came out one Sunday Morn, with Network Care, her life, reborn,

She smiled where the tears once were, 

She giggled when the fears left her,

She connected to love with ease and grace, her eyes aglow the past erased.

Brimming with empathy and intuition, Jana D. was on a mission to unlock the doors of relations past, clean up the mess, and make it last.

A healing voyage for the ages, from here to there and all in stages, the space of love and happiness, so generous and free, the transformed world of Jana D.

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