Chiropractic Alchemy: Alignment, Awakening and Transformation

 At times I struggle to communicate the bigness, power, and magic of caring for the human spirit.  Over the years, my path has evolved into an integrated, heart-centered approach that blends chiropractic, network spinal analysis, ontological coaching and the hakomi method.  

The alchemy of these modalities might sound complicated, but the results are anything but. One of my greatest joys is witnessing how the integration of these services lead to the transformation of another's body/mind/soul. 

     "It is very difficult to completely express what happens in the healing spaces of Dr. Stern, but it is easy to say how well-cared for I feel when I'm there, and how much I trust this process he has mastered.    

     "It's as if all the fragmented regions of my body and psyche are somehow settling into a sweet spot of convergence.  And at some point, I notice that a long soft wave of breath has arrived and that I have arrived in a body that's whole.                 All the little ways my body had organically responded to Dr. Stern's subtle healing moves, I realize now, were the obstacles to that wholeness disappearing.  With each visit I sense my body learning - remembering - this wholeness.

     A line from Rumi seems to say it just as well:  "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."  Steve P.

Most who come to the center are looking to achieve and sustain a state of wholeness rather than symptom management. 

They desire to expand their self-awareness, grow personally, and become more resourceful on all levels. They're willing to change how they think about pain and illness and are seeking a self-organizing approach that optimizes the central nervous system. 

Ultimately, they want to harmonize and align with life inside of a flexible spine, an open heart, a clear mind, and an awakened soul.

The alchemist in me honors you and takes great pleasure in facilitating your transformation and healing. "Love is the only master that I answer to."

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