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"Health is the unhindered expression of Life through the body,  Truth through the mind Love through the heart"

In the 40 years of rendering life-transforming care, I have found that there is one immutable truth, that our bodies are capable of far greater healing than we were ever led to believe.

What if I were to tell you that your nervous system is capable of sustained self-reflection and self-correction no matter what the situation or how much tension you are under? Whether it is the stressful demands of life that leverage your time and compromise your health or your defense physiology that collects and reflects years of childhood/life traumas.

Our objective is not to restore a person to a previous state of health perhaps before the onset of a disease, or pain, before the depression set in, or even before the crisis took place in life. Instead, our focus is to create a state of being, strategies for living, and access to resourcefulness that has never been experienced before! 

We are our own most valuable resource and yet most of us look beyond ourselves for the answer to health and well-being.  

Early on in life we were often led to believe that the real magic lies outside of us in the form of pills, potions and lotions. If we are to achieve self-mastery and grow personally, our nervous systems require a self-organizing approach. 

Awaken beyond the tension patterns 

Our health and wellness is a direct reflection of the way we experience our world. When our nervous system experiences a physical, mental/emotional or chemical stress, trauma or event that it determines to be unsafe for us to fully experience in the moment, the energy and information of that event is translated as vibration and tension. 

This protective defense is then stored in the body as we ‚Äúwall off‚ÄĚ or armor against the offending energy and tension over time with increasing muscular armoring and spasm, spinal distortion, emotional highjacking, limited flexibility and movement, and restricted respiration and ease in the area.¬†

With Network Spinal Care our physiology learns to access new options other than this habit of ‚Äúdefense posture‚ÄĚ and moves from stress physiology and limiting ‚Äúflight or fight‚ÄĚ strategies towards growth.¬†
The Respiratory Wave is the first of two waves that emerge as a new healing strategy. The breath wave releases tension throughout the spine and body and brings a person to a deeper level of ease, peace, relaxation, and the inner experience of safety. (see video below)

When the spine starts moving in two places at once, a wave is generated. Waves carry information. This Somatopsychic (body-mind) healing wave is the body awakening to and processing old information that it has stored as trauma in a spinal tension pattern. 

                                              The Somatopsychic (body-mind) wave     

This phenomenon is known as retracing. This is how our bodies actually heal, by clearing out the spinal tension patterns and the trauma associated with it.  Retracing happens as our bodies re-experience the stored information that was previously unsafe to experience. 

With this transformation comes a fundamental shift that leaves people with an expanded quality of life and an ability to think and act beyond their existing views and limitations.

"The shape, position, tone, and tension of the central nervous system is directly related to the shape, position, tone, and tension in a person's life. When the spine cannot enjoy its natural full range of motion, the body-mind is limited in the kinds of experiences it can have, as well as in the way it can express itself on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level"

Dr. Donald Epstein
Developer of Network Care

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