R.J.’s Back to the Future

A Young Man’s Journey to a Future of Hope and Endless Possibilities 

Case Overview

Robert (R.J.), an 18 year old male, recently came into our office for care.  He presented with chronic and unrelenting back pain.  R.J. was born with a lower back spinal anomaly that required spinal fusion at the age of 12.  He graduated high school earlier this month and is preparing for college in the Fall.  Being a very active and athletic 18 year old, R.J. is very concerned that he would not be able to live the life of a typical college student.  He worried that his back will not meet the rigors of daily college life and beyond.  Based upon his experience over the past 6 years, he held a cautious view regarding his back, his health and his future(s) well-being.

Physical State  

At  the age of 12, R.J. had spinal surgery to address his frequent lower back pain and accompanied spasm.  He suffered with a congenital spinal defect that required surgical fusion/stabilization (L-5-S-1).   From the age of 12 thru 18, R.J. received many different forms of treatment to address his lower back condition: His treatments included wearing a back brace, cortisone injections, pain medication, nerve burning aka radiofrequency denervation, yoga, acupuncture, physical therapy, traditional chiropractic care, etc.

He suffered with pain and spasms, weakness, tight and achy muscles that ranged from dull to very sharp.  When his back pain was bad he was not able to eat. His back would worsen after school (especially on Mondays). His condition would be aggravated by exercise, over stretching, laying on his back and sitting for long periods of time. His condition would temporarily improve by taking pain medication and lying on his side.  Unfortunately for R.J., none of the aforementioned treatments corrected the cause of his problem as his pain and spasms continued and intensified for an additional 6 years.

Emotional State

During the years that R.J. was addressing his serious lower back issues, he was having an equally difficult time in middle school being bullied by a group of boys. Talking to his mother at length, she shared candidly about how much her son personally struggled during that time.

Tears streaming down her face, Cheryl spoke vividly about R.J.’s pain and anguish and with the wringing of her hands, visibly demonstrated how much that experience changed her son’s demeanor and outlook on life.

In the initial intake, R.J. spoke about how his pains and spasms occurred at random. There appeared to be no rhyme or reason for his flareups as they were unpredictable at best.  He had no way to alleviate the pain, and felt helpless and afraid for his future. The fear and concern expressed in his body language spoke volumes.   In fact, upon visual analysis of R.J.’s first visit, he was noticeably uncomfortable and in pain while seated.  With having to constantly stretch and forward flex his neck to relieve his spinal stress, R.J.’s condition revealed itself.  No doctor, care giver, therapist of any kind was able to give R.J. a plausible explanation for his random pain and spasms nor offer a reasonable solution for getting to the root cause of the problem.

Mental State

Life for R.J. before the age of 12 was as one would expect.  A bundle of energy, he took on life without fear.  That is the right of an 11 year old.  But when his back pains ensued, life changed.

Feeling despondent, R.J.’s perspective on life matched his internal state. Full of pain, feelings of confusion, fear and helplessness, he developed a skeptic’s view of life and his future.  That happy go lucky child, full of energy, life and promise gave way to a child burdened with a condition that would define and limit his quality of life.

Remedy and the Cause

Network Spinal AnalysisNetwork Spinal Analysis logo aka Network Chiropractic answered R.J.’s concerns.  Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), involves the use of a series of gentle contacts (an entrainment) along areas of the neck and spine which alert the brain to release chronic tension and trauma, as well as everyday stress, from the spine and nervous system.

Unresolved stress will create tension in the spine, muscles, and nerves, causing tension to the body’s organs and systems. This can lead to varying states of pain and disease.  As these subtle touches/contacts are applied through NSA LEVELS OF CARE, the body/mind can begin to function in a more integrated, flexible fashion, and be able to more easily recognize and respond to stress, while developing more empowered strategies for sustainable wellness.

Chiropractic techniques like Network Spinal Analysis base their model on Alf Breig’s concept of Adverse Mechanical Cord Tension; Adverse mechanical tension in the central nervous system: an analysis of cause and effect: relief by functional neurosurgery.   AMCT 


It was clear to me during R.J.’s initial comprehensive consultation and NSA evaluation that his spinal cord was under extreme tension and torque.  Upon the release of spinal cord tension utilizing NSA protocols and procedures, R.J.s spine was able to spontaneously unwind the tension stored over the previous 6 years (see video above).

What the future holds…

Today, R.J. is excited about the possibilities for his future. He is looking forward to starting at the University of Connecticut this Fall where he plans to pursue a degree in engineering. His eyes light up when he speaks of his plans now. He clearly sees a better future.

Though R.J. has been under my care for a brief time, however, I have seen dramatic and permanent shifts in the health and well-being of this spirited young man.


The Network Wave – Ground Breaking NSA Research

Network Wave and NSA Care research 

Alf Breig’s concept of Adverse Mechanical Cord Tension; Adverse mechanical tension in the central nervous system: an analysis of cause and effect: relief by functional neurosurgery.  AMCT RESEARCH

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