Teenage Anxiety and Network Spinal Care

Anxiety is Reflected in the Central Nervous System.... 

 Changing Times...

I have cared for many adolescents over the course of my lifetime as a wellness chiropractor and never have I witnessed such a prevalence of mental and emotional overwhelm in middle and high school students.

Parents unprepared and perplexed, teachers and administrators working till near exhaustion making room for the student's wide ranging physical challenges associated with a disorder that tilts the emotional scale as doctors doll out medicine at an alarming rate.

An Energetic Dance....

The adolescent's nervous system is in an energetic dance with a complex and toxic world. It can and will dramatically shift from safety into fear donning the cloak of defense physiology. In response to a threat (actual or perceived), the spinal cord torques, vertebral structures twist and like an emotional straight jacket, the nervous system, once grounded in calm, moves into a heightened tension state.

Enter NSC, a Gentle Touch and Honoring Approach...

Network Spinal Care is a gentle, intuitive chiropractic approach that unlocks patterns of stored stress and tension by “resetting” the nervous system and liberating bound energy that allows for greater brain/body connection. Our bodies have a natural, wave-like breathing rhythm that can be renewed, restored and reconnected through NSC.  Patients often experience a positive and sustainable shift in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual quality of their lives.    

Dr. Nicole Le Perra, "The Holistic Psychologist" says,

“We have more mental health practitioners than ever, and yet mental health issues are on the rise, which is something we need to look at,” she says. “We are also just now beginning to talk about things like polyvagal theory to understand how trauma impacts the body and entire nervous system. Many of us are living in bodies that keep us stuck in states of dysfunction, and we aren’t even aware of them.”   

Bridging the Gap...            

There is a disassociation between mind and body when it comes to the mental health system and the medical profession treating disorders such as General Anxiety.  It's focused on the diagnostic model which means labeling symptoms as disorders.  In this context, all people can do is basically manage symptoms.  

With Network Spinal Care's focus on the Central Nervous System, we can integrate the mind/body gap by providing a "collective healing experience" for our patients. The results of which would expedite healing and transformation.  

Acute and chronic stress continues to limit us.  Our symptoms are powerful messengers trying to get our attention.  A body-centered approach such as Network Spinal Care can release and reorganize bound energy thus granting us access to a whole new world of wellness and possibility.

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