What is Network Care?

How many people are trapped in their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing as how we’re living

— Albert Einstein

Discover Network Spinal Analysis  

Network Spinal Analysis also known as NSA or Network Chiropractic, is a Reorganizational approach to wellness created by Dr. Donald Epstein in 1987. This advanced healing system guides your body in creating sustainable, efficient strategies within the nervous system to release tension and adapt to stress. NSA incorporates gentle, precise contacts to the spine to assist the body in developing new strategies for living, healing and optimizing individual potential. 

Our objective is not to restore a person to a previous state of health perhaps before the onset of a disease, pain, before the depression set in, or even before the crisis took place in life. Instead, our focus is to create a state of being, strategies for living, and access to resourcefulness that has never been experienced before!

Spinal Cord Tension Patterns develop from physical, emotional, mental, and chemical trauma. Trauma occurs when we experience any input that is too great for the nervous system to process. The information and experience are stored within the cells of the nervous system that, in time, depletes it of energy and resources. This creates disease and limits your capacity for life.

Transform through the two unique spinal “healing” waves

While in care, two unique spinal “healing waves” develop that advance a person’s spinal and neural integrity and adaptability. Much like tuning the strings of a violin, we modulate these waves by using gentle and specific touches in a consistent sequence. Over time this reeducation of the nervous system significantly advances a person’s wellness, inner awareness, and connection to themselves and others, and dramatically improves their quality of life and higher level of humanity.  

The development of the Respiratory Wave is a breath wave that releases tension throughout the spine and body and brings a person to a deeper level of ease, peace, relaxation, and the inner experience of safety.  

The Somatopsychic (body-mind) wave is associated with a dolphin-like undulation or movement of the spine. This wave is an indication that the body and mind are fully connecting and entraining to one another. These waves are shown through research to be directly related to significant increases in wellness and quality of life. They both assist in the self-regulation of tension and energy states within the neural, muscular, osseous (spinal vertebrae), and connective tissue of the body and significantly enhance life enjoyment and wellness. These waves move “stuck” energy allowing the body to revitalize, energize, and self-correct distortions in alignment (vertebral subluxations) and posture. 

Awaken beyond the tension patterns 

Our health and wellness is a direct reflection of the way we experience our world. When our nervous system experiences a physical, mental-emotional, or chemical stress, trauma, or event that it determines to be unsafe for us to fully experience at the moment, the energy and information of that event are translated as vibration and tension. 

This protective defense is then stored in the body as we “wall off” or armor against the offending energy and tension over time with increasing muscular armoring and spasm, spinal distortion, emotional highjacking, limited flexibility and movement, and restricted respiration and ease in the area. 

With Network Care the physiology learns to access new options other than this habit of “defense posture” and moves from stress physiology and limiting “flight or fight” strategies towards growth. Results include but are not limited to increased energy, more focused concentration, less anxiety, more ease, less pain, better sleep, more self-empowerment and joy, and quicker recovery and healing!


Discover (Level 1):

The first part of care is all about discovery! Your brain and nervous system will connect to and discover parts of you that have lost awareness of tension stored in your body that is depleting your nervous system, and current strategies the body is using to manage and adapt to stress.

Transform (Level 2):

The next part of care transforms old tension into new energy! Here the body learns to let go of these old patterns of storing tension, create new efficient methods of moving energy and resources, and broaden its capacity to take on more stress and opportunity with ease. It is the release of old-bound energy within the body that provides additional fuel for growth and neurological reorganization!

Awaken (Level 3):

As your body and nervous system reach more intricate levels of self-awareness and energy efficiency, it will awaken a new sense of self. With more sustainable and utilizable energy, your nervous system will encompass a broader sense of awareness. You will experience a greater capacity for interacting with the world and a broader palate of emotional experiences. With increased connectivity within, you also experience more connection and purpose in your everyday life.

Through care, most will experience a greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotions, and expression of the human spirit. This creates an exponentially increased quality of life, allowing you to live up to your fullest potential. 

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