Network Spinal Analysis: Spinal Care That's Ahead of Its Time

Early this morning, at approximately 4:00 AM, I was in a deep and restful sleep. Suddenly, the full title of this blog appeared in my dream. An airplane with its banner message attached streaked across my mind. It's a rare moment in time when blog titles appear in my dreams, and intuitively, I knew I was being asked to get up and share my message with you. 

Network Spinal Analysis or NSA for short, was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein as a chiropractic technique in the early 1980's.  This gentle, light-touch approach to transforming the central nervous system was gaining increasing notice yet was relatively unknown in contrast to the more established, mainstream structural techniques designed to correct spinal misalignments aka spinal subluxations.

What drew me to NSA, among other things, was the science behind this transformational healing system. Alf Breig was a Swedish neurosurgeon. He founded the concept of adverse mechanical cord tension (AMCT). Alf Breig provided a looking glass for the mechanical function of the nervous system like no other. Donald Epstein, the chiropractic visionary and developer of NSA, applied Breig's work and others to develop a system of care that would reduce spinal and neural tension while transforming the central nervous system's ability to adapt to stress.

As a healthcare provider rendering wellness services during this year-long pandemic, I have never experienced body/mind stress across such a broad spectrum of the population. From the ages of 8 to 80, people are in my center asking for guidance to alleviate the stress and tension that has markedly impacted their health and well-being. Their anxiety and defense physiology are making a compassionate plea for a gentler more intuitive approach to guide their nervous systems back to a state of peace and ease.

It is critical to understand that spinal cord tension patterns develop from physical, emotional, mental, and chemical trauma. Trauma occurs when we experience any input that is too great for the nervous system to process. The information and experience are stored within the cells of the nervous system that, in time, depletes it of energy and resources. This creates disease and limits our capacity for life.


While in care, two unique spinal “healing waves” develop that advance a person’s spinal and neural integrity and adaptability. Much like tuning the strings of a violin, we modulate these waves by using gentle and specific touches in a consistent sequence. Over time this re-education of the nervous system significantly advances a person’s wellness, inner awareness, and connection to themselves and others, and dramatically improves their quality of life and higher level of humanity.  

Is stress getting the better of you? Traditional healing methods aren't cutting it.  You're just not yourself, your body aches and life isn't going the way you want. Do you feel stuck, indecisive and just can't get a handle on how to redirect your life? Then I invite you to give yourself the gift and experience Network Care, the cutting edge of chiropractic healing.  Call us at 914-218-6424. Your consultation is free, care is affordable and it just might be the best darn healing decision that you've ever made!

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