Network Spinal: A Reorganizational Approach to Wellness

We tend to think that if we have big problems we need big action, or if we have a problem in this part of our body we need action on that part of our body.

But what the main stream healthcare world has not caught onto yet is that a gentle contact in just the right place at just the right time can have a global impact on a person’s body and life.

It’s recognizing the small hinges that swing big doors...

It’s finding that one thread that, when pulled, will unravel the whole rug...

A one degree change in the rudder of a ship will take it to a completely different port over the course of a thousand miles...

Our bodies are constantly signaling to us what they want and need and what small course corrections would serve us but most of us are just not paying attention that closely.

Consequently things build up and a big dramatic, healing crisis is required to get us to course correct.

Discover Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis, also known as NSA, is a Reorganizational approach to wellness that incorporates gentle contacts, applied specifically at Spinal Gateways, to assist the body in developing new strategies for living, healing and optimizing individual potential. Our objective is not to restore a person to a previous state of health perhaps before the onset of a disease, pain, before the depression set in or even before the crisis took place in life. 

Instead our focus is to create a state of being, strategies for living and an access to resourcefulness that has never been experienced before!

While in care, two unique spinal “healing waves” develop that advance a person’s spinal and neural integrity and adaptability. Much like tuning the strings of a violin, we modulate these waves by using gentle and specific touches in a consistent sequence. 

Over time this re-education of the nervous system significantly advances a person’s wellness, inner awareness, connection to themselves and others, and dramatically improves their quality of life and higher level of humanity.  

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