A Vaccine Scare & The Profound Healing of Network Care

In April of 2021, Wendy, a healthy, vital, and active mother of two, received her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. One week later, she was unable to walk. Wendy was diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic with autoimmune encephalopathy. After exhaustive testing by her team of doctors at New York's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, it was agreed upon that her injury was vaccine-induced!


Autoimmune encephalopathy is a type of brain inflammation where the body's immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues in the brain or spinal cord. Wendy would spend the rest of 2021 receiving bi-weekly Immunoglobulin infusions (IVIG) to bring down the brain swelling and physical therapy to rehab the numerous musculoskeletal imbalances that developed so that she might walk again. 

In Wendy's words, "when the PT asked me to lift my leg or flex my foot, I couldn't. While my brain understood the question, it was as if the brain and my body parts weren't talking to each other." 

Over the course of the year, her balance improved and with the aid of a walker, she was able to ambulate. Her movements were slow and methodical requiring assistance at all times as she would often lose balance (see video below).

                                                                                                                                                        Her spine and surrounding musculature were in a constant state of contraction and the pains were relentless traveling from head to toe. Suffice it to say that Wendy relied on pain and depression medication to manage her days. 

At the request of her close friend Connie, Wendy sought care in our office in May of 2022. 

In healing with us, Wendy's intention was to take her improvement to the next level. She was fiercely independent and dreamed of being that person again.

Under care, I used the scientifically supported chiropractic technique and health care system known as Network Spinal Analysis (Network Care). I gently applied a light touch/low force contact to the spine to assist her nervous system in developing new healing strategies.   

Two spinal "healing" waves developed which helped to improve her spinal and neural integrity and adaptability. These are known as the respiratory and somatopsychic waves.  

The respiratory wave is characterized by a full and profound organic rhythmic breathing which begins at the base of the spine, progresses upward toward the shoulders and into the neck. It naturally, gently rocks the vertebrae producing an overall parasympathetic tone, ‘melting’ tension.

The somatopsychic wave (soma for body, psyche for mind or spirit) is an undulation of the entire spine in a figure 8 type of motion. It is a highly evolved response by the nervous system and helps bring up trauma from deep places, transforming it into energy that is used by the body to heal. This wave also serves to ‘destabilize the armor’ between different parts of ourselves, helping to retrieve those parts that have been traumatized, alienated, abused or unaccepted.

Much like tuning the strings of a guitar, I uniquely modulate these waves through specific gentle touches. Over time, this practice significantly advanced her wellness and quality of life.  (see video below).

Under our care and In only four months time, Wendy has started walking 3 1/2 miles per day up and down hills unassisted. She has reduced her medication in half and is now receiving only one Immunoglobulin infusion (IVIG) session per month. Her pain levels have dropped considerably and she has begun to learn how to drive again. She is enjoying her Yoga sessions immensely and is inspired by her steady progress with Network Care.

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